Bed Buddy Body Wrap

The Bed Buddy Reusable Hot or Cold Body Wrap can give you great relief from neck pain, shoulder pain, stomach cramps, aching hand, and knee pain. This body wrap can be used for moist hot and cold therapy. Made of 100% nylon, this hot therapy wrap is durable and washable. This reusable wrap should be micro-waved for hot therapy and placed in freezer before using it for a cold therapy. With hook and loop closure, this Bed Buddy Reusable Hot or Cold Body Wrap has good grip and can be used in various positions on your body comfortably.Bed Buddy Reusable Hot or Cold Body Wrap:• Brings moist heat or cold therapy to upper torso, thigh and calf areas• Helps reduce aches and pains• Microwavable or place in freezer• Retains heat or cold for up to 30 minutes• ReusableFeatures & Benefits• Use It Hot or Cold• Long Lasting• Reusable• Ready in Minutes• Stays Heated for up to an hour• One Size Fits All• Filled with 100% Natural• Organic Grains• Easy and Safe

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