Canine Tranquil Formula 120 chews

Does your pooch dread those New Years Eve fireworks? Do thunderstorms leave him quaking in his boots? Or maybe he just feels a little anxious meeting new people?Canine Tranquil might be just the thing to calm those nerves and allow your pup to enjoy every moment of every day.Canine Tranquil Formula contains natural ingredients plus tryptophan and essential B group vitamins in precise ratios to help maintain normal emotional balance in dogs.Your dog will gobble up this delicious chicken flavoured chew in no time, and its ‘non-drowsy’ formula means you wont have to worry about fido falling asleep mid conversation!As the saying goes: Happy dog, Happy life!Directions for use⦁ The response time after dosing is generally around 1-2 hours. ⦁ If used daily therapeutic levels last around 24 hours DosageUp to 10kg 3 chewables/day10-25kg 4 chewables/day25-45kg 5 chewables/day45kg and over 6 chewables/day

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