Dick Wicks Premium Cotton Magnetic Underlay Single Bed (91 X 188cm)

DICK WICKS, AUSTRALIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND OF QUALITY MAGNETIC THERAPY PRODUCTS INVITES YOU TO ENJOY VIBRANT HEALTH & SOOTHING SLEEP with NATURAL DRUG FREE THERAPY WITH OUR LATEST RELEASE OF THE DICK WICKS PREMIUM MAGNETIC COTTON UNDERLAY.For a sound, rejuvenating, restful sleep, experience the ‘re-energising sleep field’ created by Dick Wicks Magnets. We now give you more magnets in our underlays & pillow protectors.Treat your body to a unique & complete therapy that can help create blissful, natural and peaceful sleep. This natural & non invasive magnetic therapy creates MAX sleep power – up to 430 magnets (1000 gauss range) when used in conjunction with our pillow protectors.Dick Wicks power magnets have a lifetime guarantee and can be used in conjunction with an electric blanket. Fully machine washable with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Our soft, cool thick quilting provides premium comfort. The cover is made of pure, natural cotton and has thick, porous & hypoallergenic, open-cell filling.

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