Purina Petlife Self Warm Cuddle Bed Blue/Charcoal Small/ Medium

As the cooler weather approaches and you start to dig a little deeper into your doona at night, spare a thought for your pooch. The Purina PetLife Self-Warm Cuddle Bed is made from a luxurious micro-suede fabric with cushioned walls. But how the heck is it self-warming, we hear you ask? There’s a thermo-reflective fibre-warming core that absorbs and reflects your dog’s body heat, resulting in a level of cosiness that would rival your own snuggly doona. Product details S/M 51cm L x66cm W x22cmH M/L 70 cmL x80cm W x20cm H luxuriant microsuede fabric machine washable non-slip base thermo-reflective core absorbs and radiates heat suits small to medium dogs available in two colours

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